LALI Classics 14k Smoky Quartz Oval Pendant Necklace | LALI1021 |


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            LALI Classics 14k Yellow Gold Smoky Quartz Oval Pendant Necklace (1.20 ct. tw.) - Style No. LALI1021

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              Smoky Quartz
            Product Detail
            LALI Classics 14k Yellow Gold Smoky Quartz Oval Pendant Necklace

            Available in:14 kt Yellow Gold
            Dimensions:Height: 4.00 mm Width: 4.00 mm Length: 10.00 mm

            Free 18 inches gold chain included
            Style Number: LALI1021
            Brand: Lali Classics
            • 14 kt Yellow Gold
            • Guaranteed Authentic from the Lali Classics designer line
            • Free 18 inch Chain in a matching metal will be included
            • Height: 4.00 mm Width: 4.00 mm Length: 10.00 mm

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            You Save: 50.00%
            MetalRetail Our Price  
            14 kt Yellow Gold $299.99 $149.99
            • Availability: In Stock
            • Condition: New
            • SKU: LALI1021
            Additional Information

            • For more information and care of your Gem Stones, Click Here.
            • Unless otherwise stated, all of our gemstones are genuine
            Gem Type:Smoky Quartz
            Gem Shape:Oval
            Carat Weight:1.180 carats
            Setting Type:Prong setting
            Gem Type:White Diamond
            Gem Shape:Round
            Carat Weight:0.020 carats
            Setting Type:Prong setting

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            Product Description
            This amazing LALI Classics 14k Yellow Gold Smoky Quartz Oval Pendant Necklace, crafted in 14 kt Yellow Gold. This attractive design is set with 1 stone 1.180 carats prong set brown Oval Smoky Quartz eye clean clarity, 4 stones 0.020 carats total weight, prong set Round White Diamond K-L color I3 clarity. This design measures 4.00 mm high, 4.00 mm wide and 10.00 mm long.

            Free 18 inches gold chain included

            Designer: Lali Classics - Fourth Generation Jewelers brothers Arun and Adam, have been key players in the jewelry industry for the past three decades. From apprenticing at early ages at some of the most prestigious international diamond houses to earning executive positions at one of the premier manufacturers and wholesalers of fine jewelry in America, they had but one task left unfulfilled; to set out on their own. to evolve.

            LALI Classics melds elegant style with modern adaptation through many years of study, craftsmanship, and experience. From their new state of the art headquarters in the world-renowned International Gem Tower, the Bassalali brothers pride themselves on developing elegant yet affordable jewelry designs that awe the senses and ignite emotions.

            Warranty: - This item is covered by Finejewelers exclusive Silver Shield Lifetime Warranty. This exclusive lifetime coverage is offered ONLY by Finejewelers so please shop with confidence, our quality is guaranteed for life!
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